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Develop skills to work effectively with data

Developing skills for analyzing data, finding insights, and presenting them in a clear and motivating way to drive action

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Data Story Workshop

From data to story that drives action

Anyone can easily create graphs using programs like Excel, but this is where the visual process of presenting data ends, and it's a shame. This way, we may turn the most interesting story into a boring one, or worse, into an incomprehensible story. And it happens all the time.

Today, data is already part of everyone's world, so no matter what position you are in, the ability to present data is a significant advantage for you. Because, to really have an impact with data, you need to know how to present it correctly.

What will we learn in the workshop?

  • Choosing the graph that best tells the story

  • Getting to know new types of graphs

  • Designing the graph in a way that highlights the story

  • Using colors, objects, text, and animation

  • Reducing visual information that does not contribute to our message and presenting only what is really important

  • Using storytelling principles in graphs to convince and influence


Who is this suitable for?

For anyone who presents data and wants to upgrade their presentations and reports.

In short - everyone.


Where does this happen?

Either in-person or virtually.



From data to a visual story

Today, data is a part of everyone's life, so regardless of your position, the ability to present data effectively is an essential skill that we all need.

In the workshop, we will learn how to present data in a clear and focused manner that will convey the message effectively


What will we learn in the workshop?

  • Create a chart

  • Chart design and chart elements

  • Types of charts

  • Matching the charts to the message

  • Learning new graphs

  • Advanced design: Highlight data points

  • Tips and tricks for upgrading the graph

Who is it suitable for?

  • For anyone who presents data

  • For those who want to upgrade their presentations and reports with advanced graphs and designs

  • For those who want to practice how to highlight the message with manipulations and innovative tricks on graphs


What will we learn in the workshop?

  • Integrated graphs

  • New graphs

  • Manipulations with graphs

  • Advanced design

  • Table design

  • Dynamic graphs


Who is it suitable for?

  • For those who work with graphs and want to learn new graphs and designs that will enhance the presentation



Get to the bottom line quickly

איש יושב על גרף מחוון

Excel is a work tool that everyone needs, and it provides a significant advantage for efficient work and making better decisions


1. Manage with Excel


​What will we learn in the workshop?

The Technical Part:

  • Designing cells: templates, deleting and adding rows, columns, sheets, wrapping text, merging and centering, freezing titles and columns.

  • Working with tables, sorting, and filtering.

  • Basic formulas: SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, COUNT.

  • Working with layout tools.

  • Design principles and conditional formatting.

The Practical Part:

  • Examining business questions through data analysis and discovery.

  • Importance of detecting exceptions, identifying trends, and understanding Top Up/Down dynamics.

2. Excel Expert Workshop

Find Business Insights

What will we learn in the workshop?

The Technical Part:

  1. PIVOT TABLE with calculated fields and layout tools

  2. Advanced formulas: COUNTIF, SUMIF, VLOOKUP

  3. Adding and designing graphs

  4. Design principles in Excel and conditional formatting

The Practical Part:

  1. Connecting data from different sources to create a 360-degree view

  2. Researching data

  3. Finding exceptions

  4. Identifying trends and patterns

  5. Building work reports that support decision-making


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