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Building reports and presentations

Manage better with data

To make better decisions with tools that will allow us to find insights in the data
and present them in a clear and focused way

Building presentations with data

Convey the message in concise  clear and direct language.png

Upgrade your presentation to effectively convey your message, ensuring innovation, clarity, and engagement. 


We will enhance your presentation in 4 steps:

  1. Understand the purpose of the presentation and identify the crucial messages.

  2. Uncover the intriguing story within the data.

  3. Select graphs that align with the narrative.

  4. Design with precision.

 Who is it suitable for?​

Anyone who presents data in management meetings, status updates, financial presentations, survey analyses, or any presentation with substantial data.

Building reports for decision making

תמונה שמציגה דוגמה לדשבורד מעוצב באקסל

Need a simple and intuitive report that highlights key insights and aids in making better decisions?

We will build the report for you in 4 steps:

1. Identify the purpose of the report and determine the target audience.  

2.Map out the critical indicators and the desired objectives.

3. Select the most effective graphs to clearly present the story.

4. Design the report, emphasizing the crucial data. 

Who is it suitable for?​

Managers overwhelmed with data, who dream of a straightforward report tailored to their needs that will help them answer business questions, gain a clear understanding and improve outcomes.

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